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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Marilyn Monroe's ex-bf makes bombshell claim about her killer l Movies

Marilyn Monroe's ex-bf makes bombshell claim about her killer l Movies

The Godfather actor Gianni Russo is creating some major claims regarding the circumstances surrounding Marilyn Monroe's mysterious death.

In a recent interview with The New York Post, Russo alleged that the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy was behind the beloved Hollywood icon's passing at the age of thirty six on Aug. 5, 1962. The actor, who played Carlo Rizzi within the classic mob film, has been promoting his new memoir, Hollywood Godfather: My Life within the Movies and therefore the Mob, in recent weeks. Written alongside retired NYPD lieutenant Patrick Picciarelli, the book, that more delves into Russo's claims, was printed on weekday, March 12, 2019.

"It had to be officer," Russo, 75, imagined to the publication. "No one else would kill her. The mob wouldn't have done it. They likable her. She was that girl. offer her one or two pills, one or two drinks and she'll f**k everybody."

Marilyn Monroe's ex-bf makes bombshell claim about her killer l Movies

Readers can possibly already bear in mind that Henry Martyn Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated at the age of 50 on  5 June , 1968  at the Ambassador building in l.  a.  . consistent with Russo, he allegedly aforethought Monroe's death to stay her long-rumored affair together with his brother, then-president John F. Kennedy, from going public. JFK, of course, was later assassinated while riding in an exceedingly procession with beloved wife Jackie Kennedy in Dallas, Lone-Star State on Gregorian calendar month. 22, 1963. He was simply 46 years previous.

Reports of JFK's alleged adulterous affairs are heavily documented for many years. However, the previous president's most disreputable alleged romance was with Monroe herself, World Health Organization magnificently serenaded him along with her performance of "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" in 1962.

Russo has claimed that the mob planned to film Monroe having a threesome with the political brothers so as to, as the Daily Mail put it, blackmail JFK "into offensive Cuba and returning the island's casinos to organized criminals." However, Russo alleged that Monroe threatened to leak the mob's plans to the press after JFK was a no show, that reportedly light-emitting diode RFK to orchestrate her death. "A guy referred to as The Doctor — a killer for rent Associate in Nursingd an actual MD; he had done major hits for the mob — injected air into the vein close to Marilyn's pubes," Russo told The big apple Post. "She died of Associate in Nursing embolism, however it seemed like medication to the medical examiner."

After this story stone-broke, Russo shared a screenshot of it on Instagram. whereas urging his followers to "please browse and share," he additionally obstructed his and Picciarelli's podcast, The Hollywood Godfather Podcast.

Marilyn Monroe's ex-bf makes bombshell claim about her killer l Movies

Of course, this is not the primary time Russo has publically created claims regarding actress. In 2005, he boasted The New York Times regarding purportedly sleeping with the role player, whereas additionally dishing on his alleged reference to the mob. a lot of recently, he told The big apple Post that the 2 shared Associate in Nursing on-and-off affair that apparently began once she was thirty three and he was simply sixteen years previous.

In  June 2016, Russo celebrated what would are Monroe's 90th birthday on Instagram. "This was the last we tend toekend of your life that we spent along. i will be able to always remember you! Happy birthday," he captioned a black-and-white pic of the 2 along, that The New York Post recently noted had been taken by Chicago crime boss guided missile Giancana at the CalNeva populate 1962. it absolutely was there that the mob allegedly planned to film the immoral video in question and later blackmail JFK.

While speaking with the publication, Russo claimed that the pic had been "taken 3 days before she was found dead" at her l.  a.   home.

Marilyn Monroe's ex-bf makes bombshell claim about her killer l Movies

As Buzzy antecedently reported , Marilyn Monroe's reason behind death was formally listed as "acute street drug poisoning" thanks to "ingestion of dose," according to her autopsy report. each the popular culture legend's physician and therefore the doctor World Health Organization performed the autopsy believed her death to be a suicide (via The Telegraph).

However, multiple conspiracy theories have enclosed Monroe's untimely passing for many years. this is not even the primary time its been instructed that she was dead over her reported  romance with JFK, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. neither is Russo the primary of Monroe's exes to assert to understand the reality behind her alleged murder. As reported  by People, the actress' ex-husband and participant, ballplayer, later told his author, "I continuously knew World Health Organization killed her, however I did not need to start out a revolution during this country. She told Maine somebody would do her in, however I unbroken quiet."

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