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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Peacock from the Masked Singer accidentally revealed

The Peacock from the Masked Singer accidentally revealed

Did singer-actress Marie Osmond just spill the beans on FOX's new hit show, The Masked Singer?

During Associate in Nursing interview with Access Live earlier this month, Marie Osmond seemed to accidentally reveal that the celebrity behind the mask of fan-favorite contestant the Peacock is none alternative than — SPOILER ALERT — her older brother and fellow former kid star, Donny Osmond.

After chronicling the health struggles she and her family have round-faced over the years, Marie was asked whether or not Donny would be enough to come back to the stage once their long-running Donny & Marie show resumes in city on Tues, Feb. 5, 2019. "Oh yeah, he's fine," she replied. "He planned it."

At this, the Access Live hosts zeroed in on rumors close the Peacock's true identity. "He's gotta be alright as a result of he is doing this alternative show, The disguised Singer," one host claimed, before the others chimed in with, "He's nice because the Peacock!" and "Tell United States, is he a Peacock?"

The hosts' line of questioning and Marie's consequent answers notably began to line up with a group of clues shared by the Peacock throughout episode one. additionally to noting however he got his begin at the age of 5 and performed within the Sin town, the Peacock aforementioned, "It's most likely been mammaent|a jiffy|a short while} since your mom had a billboard of Pine Tree State on her bedchamber wall."

"You aforementioned you started playing once you were 3. however recent was Donny once he started performing?" one amongst the hosts asked. "We started a similar year. He was 5, i used to be 3," Marie replied, later adding, "I know, I told him, 'Why square measure you making a gift of such straightforward clues?'" but, once asked whether or not she'd really simply confirmed that Donny was so the Peacock, Marie seemed to go back a touch, saying, "I do not know! however i do know that we tend to started at NBC, that was the Peacock."

The Peacock from the Masked Singer accidentally revealed

For those that have nevertheless to tune up, The disguised Singer, that relies on South Korea's King of Mask Singer, is that the latest singing competition development (via Variety). It began airing on weekday, Jan. 2, 2019. Hosted by Nick Cannon, the show's panelists embrace singer Robin Thicke, actress-model Jenny McCarthy, actor-comedian Ken Jeong, and singer-actress Nicole Scherzinger.

According to its web site, the popular series "features celebrities facing off against {one Associate in Nursingother|each other} with one major twist: every singer is shrouded from head to toe in an elaborate costume, complete with full mask to hide his or her identity. With every performance, the host, panelists, audience, viewers and even the opposite contestants square measure left guesswork UN agency is singing behind the mask." Readers could bear in mind that the Thai version of the truth TV series brought United States all the Oyster Mask viral sensation in 2017.

For his half, the anonymous Peacock kicked things off in week one with a performance of "The Greatest Show" from the Hugh Jackman-led moving-picture show musical The Greatest booker. throughout episode 3, he came back with a rendition of OneRepublic's "Counting Stars." It ought to be noted that almost all viewers have long-suspected that Donny Osmond is so the Peacock (via Country Living). However, in line with the show's web site, alternative widespread guesses have ranged from Jamie Foxx to Henry M. Robert Downey Jr.

The Peacock from the Masked Singer accidentally revealed

Unfortunately, speculation close The disguised Singer is not the solely reason Marie and Donny Osmond are within the news in recent months. Readers could bear in mind that the showbiz siblings sadly created headlines following the untimely passing of their 33-year-old kinsman, Troy, in November 2018. Troy was pronounced dead by authorities when being discovered not inhaling his parents' target American state. in line with measuring device on-line, there have been no signs of wickedness found at the scene.

Marie, whose son Michael Blosil tragically died by suicide in 2010 (via ABC News), later wrote on social media that it'd clearly been "a unhappy and difficult week" for her family. "First and foremost, Troy favored his family and cheered them on with each chance he had, and that we favored him, completely and fiercely," she continued, adding, "I know my son Michael is safe and continues his life in another realm and I also know my nephew Troy is now with him doing the same as well as my parents and others I love."

As for the future of The Masked Singer, the question remains whether or not Marie Osmond's apparent reveal will affect the Peacock's fate in the competition. To find out, be sure to tune in when the fourth episode airs on Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019, at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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